What is the difference between LAC and PAC?

Legislative Action Committee (LAC)
  • A LAC represents the interests of CAI members and chapters with respect to the state legislative and regulatory activities of relevance to the creation and operation of community associations.

  • Promotes and follows CAI public policies at the state level.

  • Conducts and organizes lobbying activities, communicating with legislators and staff.

  • Communicates with legislators and potential industry allies in support of the LAC activities.

  • Allows our members to speak with one united voice.

The Illinois Legislative Action Committee (ILAC) has its own lobbyist working on your behalf to support its goals.
ILAC is actively reviewing and supporting/opposing proposed Public Acts, House Bills, and Senate Bills in 2019 to advocate on your behalf.
CAI-PAC Illinois raises funds to donate to those who support the "positions" ILAC takes on specific bills, laws, or ordinances
Political Action Committee (PAC)
  • The PAC serves as the vehicle for the LACs to make their voices heard. It is another avenue of participation in the political process.

  • The legal, transparent, and monitored means for individuals to combine resources to support election campaigns of candidates who are in favor of CAIs interests and issues.

  • It is power in numbers.

The Illinois Political Action Committee (CAI-PAC) donates funds to legislators who, in the opinion of the Legislative Action Committee, have been supporting or are potential sponsors and advocates for the Community Association industry - from owner/ resident concerns to best practices for professional community management.